At Indoor Mold Specialist, we believe in providing 100% customer satisfaction. Our mold remediation team knows how to eradicate the problem at its root cause. We have undergone extensive training and education to eliminate the mold safely and completely. We use several environmental-friendly tactics for removing mold from your residential or commercial property.

During our Mold Remediation Procedure, we take the necessary steps to ensure that Mold is eradicated from the affected areas. We close off the work area using 6-mil polyethylene sheeting, apply anti-microbial coating on all affected surfaces, HEPA vacuum thoroughly, and ensure the area is free of mold. We take preventative measures as well to ensure the Mold growth does not reappear.

Unfortunately, there are some situations where mold growth does come back to the affected areas. In this case, we do offer a Two-Year Guarantee for the Mold Remediation services we perform. If you observe any kind of fungal growth on the areas we worked on, contact us immediately and we will have a technician come assess the situation, and provide treatment, free of charge to the client. Please note this Guarantee applies to the areas we worked on, and for two years from the project completion date. The client should call us immediately upon the first signs of a problem to ensure the two year guarantee will be provided. We do stand by our word for all remediation services performed. As such, our guarantee applies to all our clients equally.

Indoor Mold Specialist is and continues to be at the forefront of the environmental consultation field in the Greater New York City area, providing our clients with the best proprietary technologies and methods of eradicating Mold, Water Damaged Materials, and other contaminants within your residential or commercial property.